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View our menus full with authentic American dishes. Enjoy freshly prepared American entrées and classic favourites like our Famous Nacho Platter and fall off the bone ribs. From flavourful salads to savoury signature dishes there’s something for everyone.

Feelin' Hungry?

Saddle up, folks! Our food menus are a stampede of flavours that’ll satisfy even the wildest appetites. From hearty cowboy classics to Wild West wonders, it’s a taste adventure that’ll keep you coming back for more.
Smith & Western Food

Drinks & Desserts

From refreshing sips to sweet treats, our Drinks and Desserts menus are a roundup of flavourful American delights that’ll make your taste buds two-step with joy.

Breakfast Classics

Rise and shine, folks! Our Breakfast Menu is a chuckwagon full of morning delights, serving up the finest cowboy breakfasts this side of the Mississippi!

Currently only available at our Tunbridge Wells saloon all week & Horsham on weekends only.

Smith & Western Breakfast

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Check out our guides for allergies and nutrition, and ride easy knowing what’s on your plate.