Round up ya crew and head on down to the Smith & Western!

Inspired by the rugged charm of the Wild West and the smoky allure of American BBQ, the Cox family launched the original Smith & Western back in 1995, nestled in the quaint town of Horsham.

With a welcoming ambiance and generous helpings of classic American food, we quickly became the go-to spot for cowboys and cowgirls craving an authentic experience. From the heart of the small town, our love for the Wild West spread like wildfire, leading us to open our doors at seven distinct locations across the South East of England.

Saddle up and journey with us through time to see where we began…

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Hats off it’s Christmas

The most wonderful time of the year is almost upon us, and we’ve rustled up a Christmas menu that’ll have you toe tappin’ and Knee slappin’. Book now and enjoy our 3 course Christmas menu from £29.95.

Waterin’ Holes

Restaurant Locations

Relax at the Ranch

Smith &
Western Hotel

Prepare for an unforgettable Wild West adventure at our one-of-a-kind Smith & Western Hotel. Nestled just a stone’s throw away from the historic Pantiles in Royal Tunbridge Wells, our hotel is a treasure trove of frontier nostalgia.

Something Special

Parties &

Saddle up and get ready for an unforgettable ride at our Wild West Restaurant! Whether you’re wrangling up a rowdy birthday bash, rounding up your colleagues for a team-building soirée, or hitching your wagon to a special anniversary, we’ve got the perfect venue for your next event.