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Welcome back! Whilst your experience will remain a priority, the restaurant will be implementing the highest standards of health and safety, ensuring both guests and employees will be dining and working with confidence in a safe environment. Please be aware that we are enforcing social distancing measures and follow all guidelines when visiting us. 


We have adopted the Governments key recommendations to ensure social distancing is always maintained, one-way systems have been put in place along with hand sanitisation points throughout our ranches. All employees have been supplied with essential PPE and trained to ensure the guidelines are being upheld and can provide advice where necessary.


The restaurant’s concern is not only to give guests and employees the most positive of experiences but also to ensure that health and safety is paramount.


We look forward to welcome y’all back to enjoy your favourite cold beers, blended cocktails and American dishes! Happy trails!  


It is mandatory to wear a face covering when moving around our bar and restaurant. It is not necessary to wear a mask when seated at your table.


All bookings are limited to party's of 6. Please make sure all members of your booking wear a face mask on entry and whilst moving around the restaurant.


There is a 11pm curfew on all tables.